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Le Brun to Calder

Creations of the Mobilier national

February to September 2014
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June 2013 - Jan. 2014
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Espace Musées

Art exhibitions at Paris – CDG Airport

Terminal 2E, Gates M


Espace Musées is a museum dedicated to art within Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport. The fund displays original art work from some of the most famous artists of all times, usually in partnership with one of Paris’ great museums.
un musee a l'aeroportThe space itself, designed for Art by the architects of the Musée d’Orsay, is located by gates M of CDG’s Terminal 2E, a brand new hall considered as one of the most beautiful European boarding halls.
Admission to all exhibitions is free of charge. Passengers now have a very good reason to arrive at the airport 2 hours before take-off…

CURRENT EXHIBITION Le Brun to Calder: Creations of the Mobilier national

Heir to a long tradition dating back to the seventeenth century, the Garde-meuble de la Couronne, now called the Mobilier national, and the Manufacture des Gobelins illustrate through their history, activities, collections and creations, the excellence of French and European culture.

This excellence is exhibited here using examples taken from the Mobilier national’s collections. These include one of the largest collections of tapestries in the world and all furniture and furnishing items created since the seventeenth century.

Old and contemporary pieces are brought Le Brun to Calder: Creations of the Mobilier nationaltogether and placed side by side. Exhibited together are similar pieces such as tapestries designed by Le Brun and Le Corbusier or items created using different techniques: a lacquered cabinet, a bronze clock and an upholstered armchair.

A creation exists for each example and era, the product of an artist’s imagination or an artisan’s or technician’s skills, either working alone or in a team. Beyond the eras, styles and forms of expression, relationships are forged, interactions established and dialogues created to demonstrate just how eternal forms are… eternal and forever changing.



Espace Musées is located in Terminal 2 E, by boarding gates M. It is accessible to all passengers taking off at gates M: passengers flying with Air France KLM and airlines who are members of Sky Team, going to the US, Asia, or Africa. Espace Musées is open 365 days a year, from the Terminal’s first to last flights. Admission is free.


Espace Musées inauguration

Espace Musées inauguration
January 2013

Augustin de Romanet, CEO of Aéroports de Paris inaugurates Espace Musées and its first exhibition, "Rodin, Wings of Glory" on January, 15th 2013.

Public opening 14th December 2012

Public opening 14th December 2012
December 2012

Espace Musées opened to public the 14th December 2012. The museum will be opened during Christmas holiday and will propose the exhibition Rodin, Wings of Glory until May 2013.

Board of Trustees Appointments

Board of Trustees Appointments
September 19th, 2012

The Board of Trustees held its first meeting on September 19th, 2012. The Board Members were appointed as follows: Francis Briest (President), Frederic Briest, Nicolas Briest (Secretary), Benjamin Dauchez, Jean-François Dubos, Serge Lemoine, Olivier Lorquin (Treasurer) and François Rubichon, representing Aéroports de Paris as Chief Operating Officer.

Our Mission

The fund’s mission is to promote the best of French Artistic Culture by organizing free exhibitions at Paris CDG-Airport. Exhibitions are accessible to 4 million passengers yearly, who hail from all over the world.
Our Goals:

  • Share and promote art to airport passengers.
  • Offer passengers a unique and memorable experience, making the flying part of their trip very special.
  • Innovate the way art is experienced, by exhibiting art in new places.


Our Partners

We would like to thank the partners who made our first exhibition a success :

  • Aéroports de Paris, for trusting us with this great project
  • The Musée Rodin, for lending us some of the world’s most precious Art
  • Be Relax, Airport Tender, for making this project possible at all
  • AXA Art, for its support
  • The Studio Demarque, for the design and construction of our website and the interactive terminals

mission Aeroport de Paris Musée rodin Be Relax Axa ARTCURIAL Studio Demarque

If you would like to get involved in our future exhibitions, please . get in touch with us.
If you are an Airport interested by our mission, please contact Frederic Briest.